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American Baby Bust?

By Leslie Schreiber For a while the United States, unlike many European countries, did not suffer from a birth rate decline.  That's changed.  People like to blame millennials for everything from their over-reliance on social media to their “participation trophy” attitudes and now, it would appear that they’re to blame for a “precipitous” drop in

Reciprocal IVF

By Leslie Schreiber For most heterosexual couples using IVF, unless they are using a surrogate, there is usually no question about who will be responsible for carrying the child to term. But what about same-sex female couples? What if both partners want to participate in the child’s conception? Reciprocal IVF provides same-sex partners the opportunity

To Freeze or Not to Freeze

By Leslie Schreiber Today’s young women enjoy greater life choices than ever before. Education and career paths offer more personal autonomy and financial independence. No longer confined to the “mommy track” after they graduate college, women are postponing marriage and childbirth until they are ready, emotionally and financially, to make those decisions. Unfortunately, there is