The Law Offices of Leslie Schreiber will represent your interests using embryo donation for a flat fee.  Whether you are donating or receiving donated embryos, you should seek legal representation. Some states prohibit embryo donation or have no laws governing embryo donation.  Florida has permissive statutes regarding embryo donation.  This is a popular option for owners of cryopreserved embryos who want to help others in their family creation plan.

Embryo donation is a process where previously formed embryos (created for either an individual or a couple who no longer want to use the embryos to create their family and who are willing to donate them to another) are utilized to create your family.  So, if you have embryos that you would like to donate, there are different methods available to you.  You can donate your embryos to another woman that you do not know and this is called an anonymous embryo donation.  If the recipient is known to you, this process is called a directed embryo donation.  Either way, the term “donation” does not necessarily imply that the recipient obtains the embryos for free.  Florida law allows  for reimbursement for some of the expenses incurred in the creation of the embryos.

An embryo donation contract between the embryo donor(s) and the recipient family should be in place in order to establish parental rights and responsibilities.   Leslie Schreiber recommends that each party have separate legal representation to draft and negotiate the contract between the parties.  We represent both embryo donors or the recipient intended parent(s) in drafting, review and negotiation of legal agreements and legal clearances for all medical facilities.  Generally speaking, the transfer of genetic material from one party to another is complicated and can have negative consequences if intentions are not clarified by a legal agreement.  Parties should not mistake a ‘medical clearance’ form provided by a doctors’ office for a contract.  A ‘medical clearance’ merely clears the way for a transfer of genetic material while a legal contract will confer parental rights and responsibilities.

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