The Law Offices of Leslie Schreiber is a boutique law firm offering a compassionate experience through the complex process of family building.  Leslie Schreiber is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about using sperm donation to build your family. Whether you are a same-sex or heterosexual couple, or a single person, Leslie Schreiber is an experienced sperm donor lawyer who will guide you through this process for a flat fee.

In most situations, the Intended Parent(s) will need a Sperm Donation agreement and legal clearance in order to begin the medical process with a fertility clinic.  A Sperm Donation contract will detail the rights and responsibilities of each party and establish guidelines evidencing the parties intentions regarding financial, insurance, future contact, confidentiality and privacy issues.

As in any donor arrangement, a sperm donor may be a known donor or an anonymous donor.  It is particularly important to have a legal agreement if you are using a known sperm donor because the lines between a pure donation and fatherhood can be blurred in this instance.  Your contract should memorialize the recipient couples’ intention that the sperm donor has no legal right to the child, nor financial or parental responsibility.

If you are an unmarried, heterosexual couple and the male partner contributes his sperm, Leslie Schreiber recommends that this arrangement be memorialized by a contract.  This ‘gamete friending‘ relationship often ends up in news headlines when one party intended sperm donation only with no parental rights nor financial responsibility and the donor intended to be a parent to the future child born of this relationship.  Sadly, this “it will never happen to us” approach is often fraught with complication.  Even if you decide not to memorialize this relationship with a contract, it is still a good idea to sit with a lawyer to discuss the legal framework and how it might impact your future family.

If you decide to use a sperm bank or an in-house sperm program at a fertility clinic, Leslie Schreiber also recommends using a sperm donor attorney to review the medical and legal documents.