The Law Offices of Leslie Schreiber can offer you a boutique and personal experience.  As your lawyer for Egg Donation, Leslie Schreiber will guide you through the process for a flat fee.

Whether you are using an egg donor or you would like to be an egg donor, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the medical and legal requirements.  Some women have diminished egg quality so egg donation provides them the alternative they need to create their family.  Egg donation is a complicated process but an incredibly rewarding one for both a donor and recipient.  Leslie Schreiber, an experienced egg donation lawyer, will provide you with a 360° perspective that few attorneys can offer.

Florida Statute Section 742.14 permits a woman to donate her ovum for reasonable compensation directly related to the egg donation.  In addition, the statute provides that the egg donor “…shall relinquish all maternal or paternal rights and obligations with respect to the donation or the resulting children.”  The procedure is a form of assisted reproductive technology where a woman provides her eggs to a commissioning couple for use in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure with the intent that the commissioning couple will become the legal parents of the child.  The eggs can be utilized by the intended mother or a gestational carrier (also known as a surrogate).

Fertility clinics require egg donation contracts to be in place before the medical process can begin.  An agreement between the commissioning couple and the egg donor should outline the rights and responsibilities of each party.  Each party should have independent legal representation.  Whether you are a recipient intended parent who needs the contract drafted or are the donor who needs the contract reviewed,  the law firm of Leslie Schreiber will guide you through this  emotional, yet  rewarding process.

As an egg donor recipient, you may be using the services of an agency, and egg bank or a fertility clinic egg donation program.  In all of these instances, Leslie Schreiber recommends you use a lawyer to review and explain all the documents.  Issues like future contact, confidentiality and privacy, finances and medical issues can have an impact on your future family.  Legal guidance through the egg donation process, whatever your role, is advisable.