The process of becoming a parent or expanding your family through collaborative reproduction can be long, emotionally fraught, and logistically complicated. Whether you’ve traversed these roads before or you are just starting out, it is advisable to hire an attorney in whom you feel confident. With Leslie Schreiber, you will also feel comfortable, as she has a unique 360-degree perspective on your journey.

While each type of collaborative reproduction (IVF, gamete donation, embryo donation, gestational surrogacy, etc.) has its own legal framework and requirements, there are some issues common to all of them. Intended parents need to consider legal and financial obligations and risks, evaluate contract terms, and adhere to their state’s laws while ensuring that their rights are protected. We work alongside fertility doctors and their staff, mental health professionals, insurers, and escrow agents to make sure your process goes smoothly.

Going Abroad for Services

For myriad reasons, some intended parents seek fertility or collaborative reproduction services abroad. As each country has its own laws governing assisted reproductive technologies, it is imperative that you know those laws and how they can impact both parentage and citizenship. Additionally, the US State Department does not automatically grant citizenship to children in every instance when services are sought abroad; as intended parents, it is vital to understand your responsibilities and obligations in this arena.

Each client is unique with their own set of circumstances and needs. Whether you are dealing with infertility, choosing to parent as a single person, or are in a same-sex or non-binary relationship, we welcome you and will tailor our work together accordingly. 

Among the services that we offer:

  • Providing legal services dealing with parenting agreements

  • Creating donation and surrogacy contracts

  • Creating pre- and post-birth orders

  • Collaboration amongst third-party providers


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