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Surrogacy In the USA Versus Abroad

Once upon a time not so very long ago, having children using a surrogate was a reproductive option on the fringes… a strange, new frontier where would-be parents hired a stranger to carry their child for them. Today, surrogacy has gone mainstream, as evidenced by the long list of celebrities who’ve openly chosen surrogacy to

Speakers Corner

The Commonwealth Group invited Leslie Schreiber, Reproductive Attorney and Dr. Joelle Taylor of Fertility and IVF Center of Miami to discuss Employer Family Policies: How Does the U.S. Measure Up & Other Revolutionary Workplace Benefits.

Speaker’s Corner – Leslie Speaks at the American Bar Association Family Law Section Conference

Leslie was honored to present her topic Single Intended Parents: It Takes Two To Tango...Or, Does It? -- at the ABA Family Law Conference to the reproductive law committee. Leslie discussed the sociological implications of this growing group of intended parents and how they can become parents in an often unfriendly legal environment. To find

Speaker’s Corner – Leslie Speaks at Miami’s Temple Judea Kosher Conception conference

Leslie co-sponsored Kosher Conception conference in Miami at Temple Judea. The distinguished panel discussed the intersection of law, medicine, religion and assisted reproductive technologies. If you are jewish and need the help of an infertility specialist for egg, sperm or embryo donation, you may want to know if your resulting children will be considered Jewish.

Speaker’s Corner – Leslie Speaks at FIU Law School’s

Leslie discussed the day-in-the-life of a reproductive attorney. She provided a brief overview of the interplay of international, federal and state laws in the assisted reproduction field and discussed a Florida specific analysis of (a) who are your clients, gamete donors or intended parent(s) (b) understanding how a client's medical status impacts representation; (b) legal