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Fertility Ambivalence

Why do women in their mid thirties or forties suddenly wake up and decide that they should probably start thinking about having children? The operative term here is probably,  alluding to that certain lack of conviction that I call fertility ambivalence.  Sadly, I meet many women with this affliction.  I feel like a protective mother hen to


“Just because you can do it, does it mean you should do it”? This simplistic sentiment sums up the question you must ask yourself if you are considering preimplantation genetic testing (or PGT) as a way of selecting the gender of a child. PGD involves testing an embryo before it implants using in vitro fertilization.

Single Mother by Choice

I first latched onto the label Single Mother By Choice when I read Jane Mattes’ book, Single Mother’s By Choice, over a decade ago.  That book, and the corresponding organization of the same name, provided me with both support and the justification I needed at the time to venture on my journey toward motherhood.  I am

Single Parenthood

Are you at a place in your life where you are considering becoming a single parent? Perhaps you did not find Mr. or Ms. Right. Or, perhaps you have been scared by past relationships and you would just rather go it alone. Whatever the reason, you are in good company. Recent research statistics demonstrate that

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