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Donation: Egg, Sperm or Embryo

Whether you are an intended parent recipient and in need of an egg, sperm or embryo donation, or you are a generous donor, we can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the donation process and legalities so you are fully informed. There are legal and medical guidelines you must meet and there must be a written contract between the parties. Depending on the state you reside in, court proceedings may be required to solidify your parental status.

If you have excess embryos created during an IVF procedure, you may want to consider donation. Embryo donation is a process where previously formed excess embryos are utilized to create your family. Legal agreements must be in place in order to establish parental rights and in some cases court orders are necessary for the termination of the originating party’s parental status.

Intended Parents

Are you just starting to consider IVF or collaborative reproduction to create your family? For those of you just starting out, we can provide a comprehensive plan of action depending on your needs and describe for you the complex fertility arena.


If you are considering becoming a single parent, going it alone can be a daunting experience. We are available for coaching you through the “thinking” phase of your journey to find out what options are available to you, whether it is egg donation or surrogacy or adoption. We can provide a network of peers and single parent support groups who you can connect with.

Single with a Partner

If you are single but have a significant partner with whom you’d like to create a family, it is a complicated process. Do you both want parental rights? Do only one of you want to parent? What happens if you utilize IVF or an egg donor and how does that impact your parental rights? You should know the answer to these question and Leslie Schreiber, P.A. can help you through this process.


Are you interested in volunteering to act as a surrogate or, alternatively, would you like to utilize a surrogate?

You, the Surrogate: state statutes govern surrogacy arrangements. In addition you must meet certain medical criteria in order to become a surrogate. You can be either a traditional surrogate where your egg is utilized or a gestational surrogate where you carry the fertilized embryo of a commissioning couple. Either way, a contract between you and the commissioning couple will be required and should be drafted by an experienced attorney. As the surrogate, you will need legal representation to review the contract and represent your interest.

Do You Need A Surrogate? Whether you are utilizing a traditional or a gestational surrogate, a contract between you and the surrogate is statutorily required. In addition, once the child is born your attorney will appear in court at an affirmation of parental rights proceeding and will also make sure your receive a corrected birth certificate .

The laws governing surrogacy arrangements vary amongst the states and also internationally. So, whichever route you decide to take, you should have a lawyer guiding you. Attorney Leslie Schreiber, P.A. is an experienced advocate and can help you navigate this often complicated arrangement.

Traveling Abroad?

Many patients consider traveling abroad to do their fertility treatments or collaborative reproduction. Why? Two reasons: First, costs for treatments can be dramatically more economical outside the US. Second, access. Perhaps your state makes it illegal to utilize a surrogate and you have a choice to travel abroad for treatment. As each country has its own rules governing assisted reproductive technologies, it is imperative that you know those laws and how they can impact both parentage and citizenship. The US State Department which governs citizenship applications has jurisdiction over egg donor conceived children born abroad. Citizenship will not always be granted to a child born of these circumstances.

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