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An Alternative to Egg Donation Emerges

Is there a Fountain of Youth for eggs? Got Old Eggs? Have trouble conceiving? Thousands of women with poor-quality eggs struggle to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization or find themselves turning to egg donors. But what if those “old eggs” could take a dip in a scientific Fountain of Youth, creating an Egg Donation

Whose Embryo Is It Anyway?

Assisted Reproductive Technology as Hollywood-Worthy Drama The case of Sophia Vergara versus her ex-fiancé over their frozen embryos may be one of the stranger breakup stories to come out of Hollywood…but one that could educate countless couples wading into the complex world of reproductive technology. Using Assisted Reproductive Technology - or “ART” - begins as

Singles: We’re Onto Something

Here's a timely book about the rise of the autonomous unwed women and their impact on society. This well-researched and fact oriented book notes the decline of marriage as the focal point of a woman's life. Single women now have a huge impact on "legal, economic and social progress" as stated in the New Yorker

Florida Egg Donor

So you want to become a Florida egg donor?  Whether you are doing this deed for altruistic reasons or for a fee, this article will provide some guidelines. Egg donation is defined by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM.org) as the process whereby a donor gives her eggs to a recipient in order to

What the Zika Virus Means for Florida Egg Donors & Surrogates

The outbreak of the Zika Virus means Florida Egg Donors, recipients, surrogates and intended parents have to take real precautions -- and the first line of defense is information. The Centers for Disease Control has issued travel warnings for confirmed Zika hotspots in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as the Pacific

Egg Donors Price-Fixing Lawsuit Could = More Money

Egg donors in Florida and everywhere could be getting a “raise” for their egg donations…after four women sue the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The claim?  Price-fixing by the leading association of fertility specialists, limiting the compensation women get for their eggs. More than a decade ago, the ASRM set “Egg Fee Guidelines” at $5000,