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The Commonwealth Group invited Leslie Schreiber, Reproductive Attorney and Dr. Joelle Taylor of Fertility and IVF Center of Miami to discuss Employer Family Policies: How Does the U.S. Measure Up & Other Revolutionary Workplace Benefits.

Speaker’s Corner – Leslie Speaks at the American Bar Association Family Law Section Conference

Leslie was honored to present her topic Single Intended Parents: It Takes Two To Tango...Or, Does It? -- at the ABA Family Law Conference to the reproductive law committee. Leslie discussed the sociological implications of this growing group of intended parents and how they can become parents in an often unfriendly legal environment. To find

Speaker’s Corner – Revolutionary Workplace Employment Benefits

Employer Family Policies: How Does the U.S. Measure Up & Other Revolutionary Workplace Benefits Discussion Led By: Leslie Schreiber, Attorney, Leslie Schreiber P.A. Dr. Joelle Taylor, Assistant Medical Director, Fertility & IVF Center of Miami During this TCI Talk we will hear from the experts on employer family policies and how the U.S. measures up

Speaker’s Corner – Leslie Speaks at Miami’s Temple Judea Kosher Conception conference

Leslie co-sponsored Kosher Conception conference in Miami at Temple Judea. The distinguished panel discussed the intersection of law, medicine, religion and assisted reproductive technologies. If you are jewish and need the help of an infertility specialist for egg, sperm or embryo donation, you may want to know if your resulting children will be considered Jewish.

Speaker’s Corner – Leslie Speaks at FIU Law School’s

Leslie discussed the day-in-the-life of a reproductive attorney. She provided a brief overview of the interplay of international, federal and state laws in the assisted reproduction field and discussed a Florida specific analysis of (a) who are your clients, gamete donors or intended parent(s) (b) understanding how a client's medical status impacts representation; (b) legal

An Alternative to Egg Donation Emerges

Is there a Fountain of Youth for eggs? Got Old Eggs? Have trouble conceiving? Thousands of women with poor-quality eggs struggle to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization or find themselves turning to egg donors. But what if those “old eggs” could take a dip in a scientific Fountain of Youth, creating an Egg Donation

Whose Embryo Is It Anyway?

Assisted Reproductive Technology as Hollywood-Worthy Drama The case of Sophia Vergara versus her ex-fiancé over their frozen embryos may be one of the stranger breakup stories to come out of Hollywood…but one that could educate countless couples wading into the complex world of reproductive technology. Using Assisted Reproductive Technology - or “ART” - begins as

Florida Egg Donor

So you want to become a Florida egg donor?  Whether you are doing this deed for altruistic reasons or for a fee, this article will provide some guidelines. Egg donation is defined by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM.org) as the process whereby a donor gives her eggs to a recipient in order to

What the Zika Virus Means for Florida Egg Donors & Surrogates

The outbreak of the Zika Virus means Florida Egg Donors, recipients, surrogates and intended parents have to take real precautions -- and the first line of defense is information. The Centers for Disease Control has issued travel warnings for confirmed Zika hotspots in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as the Pacific

Egg Donors Price-Fixing Lawsuit Could = More Money

Egg donors in Florida and everywhere could be getting a “raise” for their egg donations…after four women sue the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The claim?  Price-fixing by the leading association of fertility specialists, limiting the compensation women get for their eggs. More than a decade ago, the ASRM set “Egg Fee Guidelines” at $5000,

Patient Empowerment

Fear of the unknown. You are at a cross-road in your life: to the left, a path to parenthood. To the right, you choose to remain child-free. And here you are stuck in the middle, unable to make a move, to take action. You have to ask yourself, "Why?" I recently had the opportunity to

Time To Celebrate! The Department of State Updates Rules Regarding Transmission of Citizenship to Children Born Abroad to U.S. Citizens

Originally published in Florida Family Law Commentator Spring 2015. It is time for Intended Parents utilizing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) abroad to celebrate. For United States citizens engaging in ART arrangements outside U.S. borders, the laws governing transmission of citizenship to those babies born abroad has finally kept pace with the science. As always, the

Fertility Ambivalence

Why do women in their mid thirties or forties suddenly wake up and decide that they should probably start thinking about having children? The operative term here is probably,  alluding to that certain lack of conviction that I call fertility ambivalence.  Sadly, I meet many women with this affliction.  I feel like a protective mother hen to


“Just because you can do it, does it mean you should do it”? This simplistic sentiment sums up the question you must ask yourself if you are considering preimplantation genetic testing (or PGT) as a way of selecting the gender of a child. PGD involves testing an embryo before it implants using in vitro fertilization.

Single Mother by Choice

I first latched onto the label Single Mother By Choice when I read Jane Mattes’ book, Single Mother’s By Choice, over a decade ago.  That book, and the corresponding organization of the same name, provided me with both support and the justification I needed at the time to venture on my journey toward motherhood.  I am

Single Parenthood

Are you at a place in your life where you are considering becoming a single parent? Perhaps you did not find Mr. or Ms. Right. Or, perhaps you have been scared by past relationships and you would just rather go it alone. Whatever the reason, you are in good company. Recent research statistics demonstrate that

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